Memorable Moments

Big nanny down at 307-yards!!! A little doe management on the Missouri farm!

Wyoming Antelope Hunt with Rough County Outfitters! 

Crawled about 600 yards and took this 15 3/4" with a 239-yard shot! Huge thanks to Joe from RCO on an awesome hunt! Jim Schell that owns RCO has an awesome, first class operation! 


Game planning for the stalk!

Logan Craig on his Dream Hunt with the Beaver Lake Bear Hunters in Wisconsin!

Great black bear season!

Alberta, Canada • 2018

Blonde Black Bear down in Alberta!



Jed, Randy, Josh, and Justin at the 2018 Spring Stakes!

Trader Inc Outdoors whackin' and stackin' snows and blues in Northern Missouri! 2018 is off to a great start!



Scott and I in the duck blind at the camp! No dang cell service!



Jed with another retrieve in the back of the blind!

Woodies down in Texas Busch Slough!



Whackin' and stackin' ducks on Busch Slough at the Texas camp!



Carson Klam with a big 'ol Texas hog! The expression says it all!

Trader Inc Outdoors hog doggin' in Texas

January • 2018



2017 Spring Turkey season, tagged out!



11" beard with 1 1/4 spurs!



Chocolate black bear down with the Matthews bow in Alberta, Canada!



Tagged out in Alberta!

Ryan, Jordy and I trying to spot a Stag from the lodge.



Game planning for the spot and stalk!



View from the lodge!

6-days, 4-kills: 3-stags and an elk!



New Zealand wall of stags!



Welcome to New Zealand!



374-inch elk down in New Zealand!



465-inch red stag down in New Zealand!



Hog down at the Texas Ranch! 



Trader Inc getting it done! 



Take a kid hunting and make a difference! Joel Johnson on his coon hunt!



Joel and Bella with Joel's first coon! Way to go Joel!



Ali-Brooke Yant having a pep talk with Trader!



Spring '16 turkey DOWN!

1 1/2" spurs and 10" beard!

Hog killing at the Texas Ranch!



Whacking a hog at the Texas Ranch!

B-Train getting ready in Oklahoma for the Lonestar!


Hog killing at the Texas Ranch!

Big Texas boar down with 3 1/4" cutters!


Helicopter hog hunting in Texas!



Big Axis buck down in Texas!


Ram down in Texas!


Packing the elk out from the top of the mountain!



5x6 elk down in Colorado!



Sunset fom the top of the mountain!



Ready and waiting!



Heading across the river to climb to elk country!



Amazing view looking back from where I started!

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